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About Us

Our 25 years of acquaintance has congenital us able and advantageous relationships with the apple leaders in the cutlery industry. Back 1984, we accept been buying, affairs and trading these alluring items. We are committed in extenuative our barter time, money and activity on all their cutlery needs.

In 2003, DiscountCutlery.net was created to accommodate audience with online admission to 13,000 of our cutlery accompanying products. Back that time, we accept broadcast our casework across with bags of barter in 43 altered countries. Our barter ambit from law administration to clandestine collectors, and branch consumers to massive retail operations.

In 2012, we launched an absolutely new adaptation of our website that allows us to accommodate bigger annual to customers. Barter can bigger cross through our articles to acquisition what they are attractive for and can analysis out in a simple one folio process. Added appearance we are now able to action are ambition lists, allowance registry, rewards affairs and chump annual log-ins to appearance adjustment history or bound alter items.

With the barrage of this new adaptation of our site, we've additionally created a Facebook page to affix with barter and accumulate them adapted on new items, featured auction items, circadian deals and added promotions. We now accept over 30,000 items to browse from and added than 600 cast names available.

DiscountCutlery.net is a website created by TNT Wholesale, LLC to accommodate barter with defended online arcade for our absolute band of products.

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