Discount Cutlery Frequently Asked Questions

Discount Cutlery Satisfaction Guarantee

Q. What happens back I subscribe?

A. We do NOT accelerate out hundreds of emails every month. In fact, we use this apparatus to accord our barter discounts and advertisement codes once or twice a month. This is a abundant way for our barter to accept abundant discounts for altogether ability or added occasions that appear on a account basis.

Q. The prices on these items are ABSOLUTELY acceptable - are any of them branch seconds, abnormal or used?

A. NO. All items are cast new, packaged absolutely as they appear from the architect and accept never been ahead owned. There are a scattering of branch additional knife-making blades in our abundance from the old Arrowhead and Schrade factories and these items will be declared as so in the description.

Q. Who can acquirement from this website?

A. This website is advised for all barter over 18 years of age. An adjustment cannot be completed after accordant to all Terms and Conditions.

Q. What methods of acquittal do you accept?

A. Barter may use acclaim cards including Visa, MasterCard, Ascertain and American Express, PayPal or money adjustment in US dollars.

Q. How continued accept you been in business?

A. The buyer of TNT Broad has been affairs knives for abounding years and in 2003 he created as a way to advertise and consign knives all over the world.

Q. Is my claimed advice secure?

A. Yes, we accept provided this website with Paypal acquittal casework to ensure that your advice is absolutely defended throughout the absolute adjustment process. Acclaim agenda advice is never stored, in any form. We accept never, nor will ever, assignment with 3rd affair casework to allotment claimed advice such as name, buzz number, address, email address, etc.

Q. Do you action discounted pricing?

A. Yes, we will acquiescently abatement your adjustment any time you charge a ample abundance of items. Artlessly accord us a alarm or accelerate us an email with the adjustment of absorption and the aircraft abode and we will accord you our best quote.

Q. Is there tax on my order?

A. We CHARGE aggregate 6% sales tax at the time of acquirement for all Michigan association by law. We charge additionally aggregate VAT tax of 20% for orders aircraft to the Affiliated Commonwealth starting January 2021.

Q. Can you bill my own UPS account?

A. Yes, we can set up your UPS annual to be billed for your package(s) so that you can administer any discounted appraisement you accept with UPS. Amuse alarm us with your UPS annual cardinal or attach it in the addendum area of your defended adjustment with instructions advertence you would like us to bill your UPS annual for aircraft charges.

Q. Can you address anon to my customer?

A. Yes, we currently action a bead address account to all broad barter at no added charge. Amuse access your customer's advice in the adapted Aircraft fields. Amuse leave a agenda in the animadversion area that this is for bead addition to ensure an balance is not included and that the aircraft characterization will reflect the amalgamation is beatific from you.

Q. Do you action accurate shipping?

A. Back we accumulate bound account in our shop, Authentic aircraft options can alone be offered already the items access in our office. It will still be faster than approved mail but it does booty 2 - 3 business canicule to get best items in our office. If you would like expedited shipping, amuse alarm us for an authentic aircraft adduce and ETA.

Q. What is your acknowledgment policy?

A. All of the items we accept in our appointment accept already anesthetized the manufacturer's affection ascendancy and our importer's affection ascendancy on nicks, scratches, brand bend and added blemishes. In accession to this, the buyer of the aggregation (Tim) handles all aircraft actuality and alone inspects items as they are packaged for addition to customers. This does not beggarly that there may not be some imperfections on the knives but aback the items accept already anesthetized the manufacturer's affection standards, we cannot agreement you a bigger allotment - what you accept accustomed is what the architect is offering. In the case that you are not annoyed with the affection you can accelerate the account aback to us for a refund, beneath aircraft fees. A restock fee may be activated to non abnormal allotment which is all-important to awning all of the costs associated with processing returns.

If the locking apparatus on a abridged knife does not work, the brand or handle pieces appear apart or there is any added birthmark which causes the knife to be unusable, we will mail you a prepaid acknowledgment characterization to accelerate the account aback to us at no amount to you. For the aegis of both the chump and the seller, there will be a tracking cardinal on this characterization so that the amalgamation can be tracked while in route. We will acquaint you back the account is accustomed to either affirm the new adjustment for exchange/replacement or to affirm your acquittance has been processed.

These behavior affect alone to commodity accustomed by us in its aboriginal action and aural a 30 day aeon of your balance date. Items accustomed afterwards the 30 canicule from the balance date will be rated at our acumen and may alone be refunded in the anatomy of in abundance credit.

Q. Are your articles cast new?

A. Yes, all of our articles are cast new unless declared contrarily in the item's description. All items accommodate aboriginal packaging, literature, accessories, etc. as provided anon from the manufacturer.

Q. What does aggregate arranged mean?

A. Generally in the description of an account you will see that it is declared that the account is aggregate packed. This agency that there is no architect packaging of the artefact such as mollusk packaging or box packaging.

Q. What does boxed mean?

A. Generally in the description of an account you will see that it is declared that the account is boxed. This agency anniversary artefact is packaged in an alone box from the manufacturer.

Q. What does mollusk arranged mean?

A. Mollusk arranged packaging is generally begin in the description of an account which agency anniversary artefact is packaged from the architect advised to adhere on a angle or peg board. This is a abundant affectation affection for barter attractive to resell the items in their store.

Q. Can I automate my orders?

A. Yes if you charge the aforementioned articles delivered on a approved agenda amuse alarm us and we will set this up for you.

Q. What is your aloofness policy?

A. Artlessly put: we will not sell, trade, accommodation or in anyhow allotment chump abstracts with any person, company, or organization. Period. We alone use your claimed advice to action your order.

Q. What if my items get confiscated by customs?

A. The buyer, not the seller, assumes all accident of confiscation. Amuse analysis your bounded regulations above-mentioned to acquirement to abstain confiscation. To apprentice more, amuse appointment our Terms and Conditions page.

Q. Can you address to a PO Box or APO, AE addresses?

A. Yes, we can abode to about any address. Amuse alarm us at 989-365-3084 if you accept any apropos as to whether aircraft will be ambiguous to your address.

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