We will not sell, trade, accommodation or in anyhow allotment chump abstracts with any person, company, or organization. We alone use your claimed advice to action your order.

A. What advice is collected? 
Billing name and aircraft address. Buzz numbers are acclimated as chump identification numbers as able-bodied as acquaintance advice forth with the email. No acclaim agenda advice is stored.

B. With whom is the advice shared?
We do not allotment any of our barter advice with anyone.

C. How can the advice be corrected?
You may acquaintance us by buzz or email to actual any information.

D. How is it secured?
Information is anchored through GeoTrust Accurate BusinessID with EV SSL.

E. How will action changes be communicated?
Our Aloofness Action folio will consistently be up to date. You may acquaintance us if you accept any questions apropos this policy.

F. How can a customer abode apropos over abusage of claimed data?
You may acquaintance us through email or by phone.
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