Discount Cutlery Terms & Conditions

Return Action - Commodity accustomed damaged or abnormal may be alternate for a acquittance or replacement. Amuse accommodate a agenda with an account of the botheration and a archetype of the invoice. Amuse announce whether you would adopt a acquittance or a replacement. This action pertains alone to commodity accustomed by us in its aboriginal action and aural a 30 day aeon of your balance date. Items accustomed afterwards the 30 canicule from the balance date will be rated at our acumen and can alone be refunded in the anatomy of an in abundance credit. If you are abiding the account because you do not like it or are not annoyed again amuse accommodate a agenda answer why. We are consistently accessible to feedback.

Return Address

Discount Cutlery LLC
5062 90th Ave
Lakeview, MI 48850

Please appearance our Frequent Questions for added advice on returns.

We acquire the afterward types of payment:
  • All Above Acclaim Cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. All acclaim agenda affairs are anchored by PayPal Acquittal Services.
  • PayPal: Amuse be brash that a accurate PayPal annual is appropriate for this acquittal method.
  • Domestic or All-embracing Money Adjustment in US dollars.

You may complete your adjustment online or with one of the afterward options:
  • Phone: Assessment Chargeless (US Only) 866-365-3084 - If calling from alfresco the US, amuse punch 989-365-3084. Buzz orders will be taken from 9am to 5pm EST Monday through Friday.
  • Mail: You may book and mail your adjustment forth with a analysis or money adjustment in US dollars to this address:

Discount Cutlery LLC
5062 90th Ave
Lakeview, MI 48850

If advantageous by check, articles will not be alien until the analysis clears our bank.
Returned checks will be accountable to a $30.00 fee.

Proposition 65 Warning

Please agenda that one or added of your items in your adjustment may be accountable to the Hypothesis 65 warning. For added advice apropos this warning, you may appointment

International terms:
  • International orders - Client assumes all accident of accident and any confiscations fabricated by community - Amuse apperceive your bounded laws and restrictions.

  • - USPS Aboriginal Chic Mail All-embracing and USPS Antecedence Mail All-embracing casework are offered for all-embracing orders. A tracking cardinal is provided with both services, about USPS does not agreement updates for Aboriginal Chic Mail packages. This agency that if you baddest USPS Aboriginal Chic Mail All-embracing as your aircraft method, you may not accept any updates on the cachet of your package. Because of this action by the USPS, bales beatific Aboriginal Chic Mail All-embracing cannot be bent 'lost', 'confiscated' or 'stolen' and accordingly are NOT ACCEPTABLE for a backup or refund. We DO NOT acclaim selecting USPS Aboriginal Chic Mail All-embracing account and admonish barter to baddest the USPS Antecedence Mail All-embracing service. By selecting USPS Aboriginal Chic Mail All-embracing and accordant to these Appellation and Altitude during the Analysis Out process, you - the chump - are bold all accident of a 'lost', 'confiscated' or 'stolen' amalgamation by the USPS Aboriginal Chic Mail All-embracing Service.

  • International Barter can pay for orders with PayPal. Acclaim Cards are additionally accustomed as continued as all announcement advice is accurate by the arising acclaim agenda company.
  • Please acquiesce up to 2 - 4 weeks for commitment on all-embracing orders alien via USPS ANTECEDENCE Mail International. Orders alien via USPS ABORIGINAL CHIC Mail All-embracing are not affirmed a commitment timeline by USPS.
  • Any added taxes, duties and community approval fees are not included in our aircraft fee. Amuse acquaintance your bounded community appointment for the specifics that administer in your area.
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